iPad Repair

Okay… So you are in the Memphis / Southaven / Olive Branch area and have a broken you iPad. Now what?

Well you have some options:

We have the Apple Store. To start off if you walk up you will most likely have a considerable wait time.

Once you get a chance to meet with a technician you will most likely be asked if you have apple care. If you do all is good. They should take care of you. Score one for you!

If you do not have Apple Care things begin to get a bit complicated. You will be offered to either send in your iPad for repair currently per Apple’s website $249 - $379 depending on your device. Basically they will send you a refurbished device. Or they will offer you a trade in with the option to put $xxx towards a new iPad. If you are looking to purchase new anyways this may be a good option. The down side to both of these options is all of your pictures and data are on your device. You may or may not care if this information is out for others to see.

Your other option is bring it to PC Doctor. But why PC Doctor you say?
Because here at PC Doctor we offer: Flat Rate iPad repairs All of our iPad repairs are flat rate repairs. There are no hidden fees for extra charges.

Damaged Corners

Most tablets are dropped at an angle smashing the bezel corners. We offer corner resurfacing for FREE of charge with your screen repair. This requires a skilled technician and most companies do not even offer this. A new piece of glass simply cannot be installed on a bent corner.

OEM Parts

We only use the best quality OEM parts on your iPad. Many companies use cheap knock off parts from China. This glass is typically of much less quality and can be scratched and broken much easier. If you are getting a really cheap price for your iPad repair I assure you this will be one of the places they cut corners.

You’re personal Data

We make every effort to save all data on your iPad. As long as your operating system is working properly your iPad repair will be returned to you with your apps, pictures, and other data in tacked. Many companies will just give you a refurbished unit. This is common with services that require you mail your tablet to them. You will leave our store with your unit and your data! Repair Time

We want you to have your iPad back as quickly as possible. Most repairs will be ready for pickup 24 to 72 hours after drop off.

Lifetime Warranty!

We are so confident of our service we will warranty our repairs for the life of the unit! If you have any issues pertaining for the work we have done we will take care of it at no charge.