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Computer Support Memphis, TN
When you bring your computer to our store for repair, our computer specialist will take care of your issues quickly. One of the best things about bringing your computer to PC Doctor for repair is if you have a question after you get your system home, you can call and speak to the technician who actually worked on your machine. Try finding that kind of service at the big box stores!

Fixed Fee Repairs

All PC repairs done in our store are on a fixed fee basis. We will give you an exact quote telling you before work begins what it is going to cost to fix your computer. Relax… No worries about just how long the repair will take times an hourly rate, which can lead to expensive surprises!

Computer Repair Memphis, TN

So how does PC Doctor charge so much less for work done in our store? You see, many of the procedures that need to be ran to fix your computer can be time consuming. Many times they don't require a technician to monitor them constantly, allowing them to work on more than one computer at the same time. Thus our technicians are much more productive in our shop than they could ever be at your home or office.

If bringing your computer in is a problem we may be able to remote in and repair your computer without you having to bring it in! We also offer a pickup and drop off service. We will send out someone to disconnect everything and bring it in for repair. Once the repair has been completed, we will deliver it back to you, reconnect everything and make sure that everything is working properly.

Although we cannot give firm quote without a proper inspection of your computer, If you would like to have us give you some ideas on possible repair cost give us a call at 662-349-0135.